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Volume-8,Issue-4  ( Oct, 2020 )
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Creating Effective Online Learning Experiences

With the advent of online learning modes and integration of computer-mediated communication technologies into classrooms, online learning has become a strategic means of higher education in the United States. Nonetheless, low retention rates in the online setting have also turned out to be a key concern among educational institutions. Strategies for improving student learning, student retention, and student success are examined in this paper. An effective online instructor can make a difference by enhancing social presence, engaging students in the active learning process, and building an online learning community. By maximizing the effectiveness of innovative communication technologies, the instructor can create a memorial online learning experience with „real‟ personal presence. Keywords - Online Learning, Social Presence, Student Engagement, Videoconferencing.

Author - Hwangji Lu

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| Published on 2019-12-25
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