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Improvment of Plant Height, Harvest Date, and Yield of SIGUPAI Aceh Local Rice by Mutation of Gamma Rays Irradiation

This research aims to evaluate the M1 mutant rice plants from local Aceh variety that have been improved through Gamma Rays Irradiation 200-400Gy. The implementation of the research was carried out systematically, which is in line with the following methods: (1) evaluation of genotypes and phenotypes on the findings of new mutant lines which include yield potential test, (2) test for drought and high temperature resistance, and (3) test the main resistance to disease, so that better M1 line were obtained. With high productivity and quality, the assembly of this new variety is expected to help improve food security and independence by multiplying the yield and income of farmers that adopt it. This mutant line had the following advantages: high productivity>7 tons/ha; adaptive to extreme climates (drought and high temperatures); saving production facilities/agroinput; early maturing/fast harvest (100-110 days), large tillers/panicles, more resistant to pests and diseases; and high quality. The results will enrich the source of new genetic diversity in order to anticipate the threat of global climate changes, environmental damage, and the threat of future food crises. Therefore, the superior Aromatic Super Rice can be used more effectively and efficiently to encourage the rice seed industry in the future. Keywords - Mutant, Aromatic, Local Rice, and Gamma Rays Irradiation

Author - Efendi, Bakhtiar Basyah, Mardhiah Hayati, Husni, Muyassir, Nanasupriatna, Ita Dwimahyani

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| Published on 2019-12-25
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