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Convective Heat Transfer of Fuel-Oil-Alumina Nanofluid in a Channel with Arc-Shaped Cross Section – A CFD Approach

In the present study, the thermal behavior of two-dimensional laminar flow of fuel-oil fluid and fuel-oil-alumina nanofluid in a channel with arc-shaped cross section are studied using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach. The effect of volume fraction of nanoparticles, the size of nanoparticles in different Reynolds number on the convective heat transfer coefficient, Nusselt number, temperature and velocity have been investigated. The Reynolds number, nanoparticle size and nanoparticle volume fraction considered are in theranges of 50–300, 60,150 nm and 1,3,6% respectively. The results showed that the convective heat transfer coefficient and Nusselt number of nanofluid increased by the increment of nanoparticle volume fraction. Also, by increasing the size of nanoparticles, the convective heat transfer coefficient and the Nusselt number of nanofluid have less value in the same volume fractions so that in Reynolds number of 300, the Nusselt number increased about 6% by adding 60 nm particles in volume fraction of 1%, but by adding 150 nm particles in volume fraction of 1%, Nusselt number increased about 3%. Also, The Reynolds number has a significant effect on the convective heat transfer coefficient of nanofluid and the increase of Reynolds number has enhanced this coefficient. Keywords - Nanofluid, Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Nusselt Number, Laminar Flow.

Author - Hossein Fatahian, Hesamoddinsalarian, Peyman Roodgar Saffari, Esmaeelfatahian, Pouyan Roodgar Saffari

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| Published on 2019-08-14
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