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Emergence of Industrial Symbiosis in Visakhapatnam Industrial Area: A Cluster Analysis

Recovery, reuse and recycling of industrial residuals, often dismissed as wastes, are common in India and other industrializing countries largely due to lower associated costs. Some wastes are reused within the facility where they are generated, others are reused directly by nearby industrial facilities, and some are recycled via the formal and informal recycling markets. Direct inter-firm reuse is the cornerstone of the phenomenon termed industrial symbiosis, where firms cooperate in the exchange of material and energy resources. Although relatively under studied, industrial symbiosis may be a particularly valuable type of inter-firm action for creating value under economic constraints, such as increased environmental regulations, because it involves firms collaborating to find economical ways to ―do more with less‖, by taking wastes and excess resources from one firm and processing them into valuable inputs for another. This study encompasses an industrial cluster in Visakhapatnam in state of Andhra Pradesh in India. We collected data from industries and analyzed the results where industrial green twinning is already happening through which this study gives an insight to the economic benefits as well as environmental benefits and to encourage industries towards industrial symbiosis. We analyzed different industries and the waste exchanges happening between them. Through which Economical benefits as well as environmental benefits were calculated. In this study, we will also discuss different factors which will affect the value potential of different levels. Keywords - Industrial Symbiosis, Green Twinning, Waste Exchange, Industrial Ecology

Author - Prashanthi R, Pavithra R, Peter Sahay

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| Published on 2019-05-21
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