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Simplified Proportioning of Mortar Mix with Crushed Red Clay Tile as Fine Aggregate

The construction industry in India took a substantial growth in the year 1990 of the 20th century and is still continued. The principles of sustainability are widely affected due to extensive and wide extraction of natural resources for construction and its related industries. It is very important for the developing countries like India to make efforts for prevention of these wastes. Classification, identification of source and quantify such waste is a big concern in the developing countries like India. This article makes an effort to utilize discarded Mangalore tiles (Red clay tiles) as crushed fine aggregates in cement mortar, so that the disposal of discarded red clay tiles and mining of natural river sand may be minimized. Technical feasibility of utilization of crushed red clay tiles as fine aggregates in cement mortar is studied. Physical characterization and comparison of the crushed Red Clay Aggregate(RCA) with Natural Fine Aggregates (NFA) was carried out and strength properties of mortar with various mix proportions were evaluated. The results obtained were promising with appreciable strength, durability and reduction in its dead weight. Keywords - Red clay aggregates, Natural fine aggregate, Strength, Durability and Density.

Author - Anand Kumar B.G, Nagabhushana M.H

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| Published on 2019-05-21
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