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Herbal plants in SuanSunandha Royal Garden and Thai Traditional Medicine

The objectives of this research were 1) to study the herbal plant types in the SuanSunandha royal garden and 2) to comprehend the medicinal properties of herbal plant in the SuanSunandha royal garden according to Thai Pharmacopeia. This research was a survey and documentary researches which employed the qualitative method using in-depth interview as a tool for data gathering and analyzing. The results of this research indicated that the 72 herbal plant types were found in the SuanSunandhaRoyal Garden and planted for education. With regard to the found species, the SuanSunandha Royal Garden was established as a summer garden for the royal family. The garden was also simulated as similar as a forest tropical garden, therefore the odoriferous scents and perennial plants were investigated. Medicinal properties of the investigated herbal plants were categorized by the preservative properties, the flavor classification of 10 flavors according to Thai Pharmacopeia, as well as the 4 elements of human body (earth, water, wind, and fire). The found plants also had their own specific flavor following the elements. Herbal plants classified by the earth were harsh taste, sweet, strong-flavored and salt, however, the herbal plants classified by the water were acerbity. The herbal plants in the wind classification were hot and spicy, meanwhile, the herbal plants in the fire classification were bitter, cool and tasteless. The research proved that those 72 herbal plants were able to control the balance of four elements. Furthermore, pharmacists and botanical experts responded that “Kaew Chao Chom” and other plant types were originally found in the ancient and present times which were grew for the botanic education. The found herbal plants has been recorded and referred for herbal development and conservation in the SuanSunandha royal garden. Index Terms - Royal Garden, Herbal Plant, Thai Traditional Medicine

Author - Supalak Fakkham, Phattarapon Puttanamatakun

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| Published on 2019-03-18
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