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Volume-9,Issue-3  ( Jul, 2021 )
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IoT based Weather Monitoring System using MQTT

Author :Gaurav A. Bedge, Vijay M. Purohit

Article Citation :Gaurav A. Bedge ,Vijay M. Purohit , (2018 ) " IoT based Weather Monitoring System using MQTT " , International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT) , pp. 172-177, Volume-6, Issue-4

Abstract : Today’s weather is changing drastically with observed variation in weather pattern within the area. Life cycle on earth is effected due this random change in our environment. This change include increase in temperature of earth, decrease in oxygen level and increase in level of toxic gases, excessive rainfall or very less rainfall from standard level, decrease in overall air quality. All this have leaded to an unhealthy life and inversely affecting all living beings on earth. To take control over this entire situation we need to study it first, at the same time we should be able to track it for immediate action. Monitoring weather includes various parameter like the most important and common parameter which is temperature and humidity likewise rainfall, wind speed, and the trending parameters which are pollutants .There are many harmful pollutants emitted by industries, car exhausts etc. Mainly carbon monoxide, smoke, butane, LPG etc. need to be monitored. The main aim of this project is a low cost weather monitoring system supported by internet of things (IOT) platform. System uses MQTT data protocol of IOT. MQTT data protocol uses publisher-broker-subscriber, in this system sensor node which contains weather parameter sensor as well as pollutants sensor which are connected to a microcontroller processes the data from sensors and send it to MQTT broker over internet. A web application is made to subscribe to that broker, hence all the data from sensor node is routed to web application through MQTT broker. Keywords - IOT, MQTT, ESP8266, Low Cost Approach.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-6, Issue-4


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