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Antioxidant Ability Contributes to the Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Lung Cancer Cell Under Hypoxia

Tumor cells situated rapidly changed microenvironment, including oxygen loss. Oxygen loss, which is also called hypoxia, is reported to raise the chemotherapeutic resistance in breast cancers through upregulating the antioxidant ability resulted from the activation of the major antioxidant regulator, Nrf2, and the following phase II enzymes, GCLC, GCLM, and NQO1. However, whether Nrf2 and phase II enzymes are the hinge for hypoxia-induced drug resistance in lung cancer still remain unknown and need further investigations. This study aims to explore the cellular responses under hypoxia and search for the therapeutic targets for hypoxia-induced drug resistance in lung cancer. With the in vitro cell culture model, the activation of Nrf2 and phase II enzymes under hypoxia was confirmed. The inhibition of phase II enzymes can efficiently increase the sensitivity to the commonly used chemotherapeutic drug, cisplatin (CDDP). These results provided more combined therapeutic options for chemotherapy in lung cancers. Key words- Phase II antioxidant enzyme, Chemotherapeutic resistance, lung cancer, hypoxia, cisplatin Contract grant sponsor: Ministry of Science and Technology (104-2320-B-002 -062 -MY3)

Author - Hsiang-Yun Huang, Hsiu-Ni Kung

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| Published on 2018-12-25
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