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Volume-9,Issue-3  ( Jul, 2021 )
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New Method to Visualize Mental Fatigue- Electroencephalogram

Author :Shyh-Yuehcheng

Article Citation :Shyh-Yuehcheng , (2018 ) " New Method to Visualize Mental Fatigue- Electroencephalogram " , International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT) , pp. 41-49, Volume-6, Issue-3, Spl. Iss-2

Abstract : Objective physiological methods for monitoring/evaluating mental fatigue (MF) are a prerequisite to understanding and alleviating MF. A physiological measurement and a subjective questionnaire (respectively an electroencephalogram (EEG) and a NASA-TLX rating scale) evaluate mental fatigue induced by mental arithmetic performed on a computer for 120 minutes. Three fatigue measurement sessions are performed: one immediately before (BT), one immediately after (AT), and one 60 minutes after (60-min AT) the mental arithmetic task. NASA-TLX test data is captured before each EEG test. Each EEG data collection session lasts 20 minutes, with 5 minutes at rest for EEG power indices and 15 minutes for event-related potential (ERP) collection using a modified flanker task. Subjects appear significantly mentally fatigued two hours after the arithmetic task. After 60 minutes of rest, the EEG power index at the occipital recording site fails to diminish participant fatigue to the original state, except in the visual area. The EEG results show 60-min rest post-MF-task allows full recovery only in the visual area; while ERP results reveal that MF is characterized by temporal prolongation of cognitive information processing as well as decreased attention levels. This method is potentially applicable to the evaluation and management of worker mental fatigue as regards occupational risk and productivity. Keywords - Mental fatigue, Visual cognition task, Electroencephalogram, Event-related potential.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-6, Issue-3, Spl. Iss-2


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| Published on 2018-12-13
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