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Antimicrobial Screening of Withania Coagulans and Nigella Sativa Against Clinical Skin Infection Isolates

There search focuses on the antimicrobial activity of Withania coagulans against Nigella sativa. Withania coagulans - also commonly known, as Paneer Doda in Pakistan, is a medicinal herb that is soon facing extinction. It has been used in indigenous medicine since ancient times. It works as a therapeutic agent that is used to cure various diseases including Diabetes and Small Pox. Nigella sativa – also generally called Black cumin or Kalonji, on the other hand is used in herbal medicine as well, to treat and prevent a number of diseases including Asthma and Diarrhea. The methods that have been opted for the study are Disc Diffusion Method and Well Diffusion Method. It was observed that out of the two methods that were opted, the Well Diffusion method gave better results relative to the Disc Diffusion Method. The study of the research was fruitful in demonstrating the anti-microbial action of both Withania coagulans and Nigella sativa. It was additionally helpful in distinguishing Agar Well Diffusion Method as the more definitive method that provided more reliable results. Keywords - Withania coagulans, Nigella sativa, Antimicrobial.

Author - Shahab Mehmood, Asma Bashir, Kiran Fatima, Neha Farid, Kashif Ali

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| Published on 2018-10-30
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