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Surface Geometry of Vertical Faults Overlap Zone as Revealed by Field Mapping: An Example from the Northern Dongrae Fault Zone, Korea

In the study area, southeastern part of the Korean peninsula is composed of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks and late Cretaceous to early Paleogene granitoids. There are fault zones with nearly vertical north-northeast trends that displace these rocks. Surface geometry of Dongrae faults and Woongsang faults show overlapping zone and show mutual crosscutting relationship as revealed by field mapping. The Dongrae Fault and the Woongsang Fault seem to be distributed almost parallel to each other on the surface of the ground, but they cross each other in the Woongcheon area in the northeastern part of the study area. In the Woongcheon area, the Dongrae Fault and the Woonsang Fault overlap each other and represent a complex fault development pattern. This pattern is considered to be related to at least four fault movements in the Woongsang Fault. The Dongrae Fault is not bent in the Woongcheon region, but rather overlaps with the Woongsang Fault, resulting in numerous secondary and tertiary faults, were exposed outcrops. Keywords - Fault Zones, Overlap Zone, Field Mapping, Woongsang Fault, Korea Peninsula.

Author - Ihm, Myeong-Hyeok

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| Published on 2018-07-02
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