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Volume-7,Issue-2, Spl. Iss-2  ( Jun, 2019 )
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Design of Harvesting Automatic System for Underwater Cultivated Laver

In the South Korea, edible laver cultivation has grown into an important maritime industry in the coastal area. Laver producing is a very difficult and dangerous task because it is done at sea. In addition, acid treatment is performed to remove weeds from the laver, which causes marine pollution. In this paper, we had proposed an automatic harvesting unit and acid processing system for laver harvesting. This automated system consists of a design of boats with hydraulic, cylindrical and linear actuators, and the acid treatment system consists of microprocessor, pump and pH sensors which can be used to maintain a certain level of acidic character of the water. The proposed system prototypes have been implemented and met with the performance to achieve even higher levels. Index Terms - Marine industry, Water laver, Automatic harvesting, Acidic processing system, Laver cultivation, Harvesting robot, Laver farming, Activation processing, Processing control

Author - Byeong Jun Kim, Kyoo Jae Shin

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| Published on 2018-06-30
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