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Analysis of Consequences of Mobile Phone Radiations on Human Brain

Now a day, the health issues related to effects of electromagnetic radiations are becoming the subject to be taken care, especially on human brain due to the usage of mobile phones. In this work we have examined the negative effects on brain waves by mobile phones using EEG.EEG signal can provide better way to find out exposure of radio waves on human brain. During this research International 10/20 system was used to capture EEG samples from 15 different subjects. Then, EEG recording were performed in three cases: normal case (without phone usage), mobile phone strapped on left ear and right ear (mobile phone in calling state). The EEG signals captured for these cases and analyzed using Discrete Wavelet transform, Fast Fourier Transform and Power Spectral Density, leading to the analysis that beta band is dominated during mobile phone usage as compared to normal case. In addition, the total power of beta waves during mobile phone usage on left ear is more than right ear and normal case. It has been observed that excess power level of beta wave disturbs the normal mental condition of human brain causing stress, anxiety and mental discomforts. Keywords – EEG (Electroencephalography), DWT, Beta coefficient, Mobile phone, FFT, PSD.

Author - Sandeep Bains, Ajay Kumar, Amita

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| Published on 2018-06-30
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