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Alert of Severe Earthquakes Worldwide Due to Solar Forcing of Very Weak Solar Cycle 24

The declining phase of the very weak solar cycle number 24 is characterized by frequent broad coronal holes. They are the source of fast solar wind streams of velocity about (700 km/s). It is found that when a coronal hole turns towards the earth the solar wind stream is directed to the earth, it triggers a strong earthquake. We have studied three recent strong quakes in October – December 2016 and two in 2017. The central Italy November earthquakes, the 14 November New Zeeland Earthquake and the Solomon Islands earthquake. The latter two have magnitude 7.8 Mw. Our study also covers two 2017 very strong Mexican earthquakes namely; the Mw 8.1 Chiapas earthquake and the Mw 7.1 the central Mexico earthquake. They struck on the 7th and 19th of September however unrelated. This paper suggests that strong telluric currents induced in the earth's mantle during the accompanying magnetic storms force the earth's plates to move rapidly past each other, collide or sub duct causing strong earthquakes. Quake lights in the sky could be an evidence for the reaching of solar wind streams to the vicinity of the quake. Alert of Worldwide Hurricanes and flash floods is also made also due to their initiation by coronal holes fast solar wind streams. Index Terms- solar cycle 24, coronal holes, coronal mass ejections, solar wind, central Italy earthquakes, New Zeeland, ,Solomon Islands, Chiapas earthquake, central Mexico, Tsunami,

Author - Shahinaz Yousef, Mohamed Ahmed Semeida, Sara Said Khodairy

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| Published on 2018-06-30
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