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System to Provide 3D Information on Geological Anomaly Zone in Deep Subsea

This study is intended to analyze the geological anomaly zone for ultra deep seabed l and visualize the geological investigation result so as to develop the exclusive system for processing the ground investigation information which is convenient for the users. Particularly it's compatible depending on file of geophysical prospecting result and is realizable in Layer form and for 3D view as well. The data to be processed by 3D seabed information system includes (1) deep seabed topographic information, (2) geological anomaly zone, (3) geophysical prospecting, (4) boring investigation result and (5) 3D visualization of the section on seabed tunnel route. Each data has own characteristics depending on data and interface to allow interlocking with other data is granted. In each detail function, input data is displayed in a single space and each element is selectable to identify the further information as a project. Program creates the project when initially implemented and all output from detail information is stored by project unit. Each element representing detail information is stored in image file and is supported to store in text file as well. It also has the function to transfer, expand/reduce and rotate the model. To represent the all elements in 3D visualized platform, coordinate and time information are added to the data or data group to establish the conceptual model as a whole. Index Terms - Geological anomaly zone, geophysical investigation, 3D information system, subsea tunnel

Author - Woo-Seok Kim, O-Il Kwon, Byung-Chan Kim

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| Published on 2018-06-30
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