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Study of Modus Operandi on Forensic Evidence in Rape Case

Study of Modus Operandi on Forensic Evidence in Rape Case aims to study problems and hurdles of police officers in administering plan on the Modus Operendi Rape Case. Forensic Evidence is used to prosecute the offenders and as a plan to analyze crime by police officers. The plan of Modus Operandi by using Modus Operandi has been conducted by using Qualitative Methodology. The result of the research study found that police officers can benefit from previous Modus Operandi Rape Case data. It gives guideline on the Crime Scene Pattern and leads to crime case details and nature of the incident. It also leads to the cause of committing crime e.g. the evidences left behind at the crime Scene and the ways of offenders committed to the victims. Modus Operandi shall ease the court consideration to understand various information and leads to court consideration effectiveness. Moreover, the administrative of Modus Operandi Rape case should have operating procedure in setting up Forensic Evidence informative plan which can be used during the court statement. This is including detailed steps in the case incident, the others relevant Forensic Science Evidence to support case statement. The key important to success in Modus Operandi is the reliable Modus Operandi action plan which can be used during the court consideration. Index Terms - Modus Operendi, Rape Case, Forensic Evidence

Author - Nich Wongsongja, Narong Kulnides

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| Published on 2018-06-29
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