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Increase in Wear Resistance and Resource of Ploughshares of the Agricultural Plows Working in Mountainous Conditions of Georgia

The regularity of wear of ploughshares of the agricultural plows working in a specific mountain conditions of Georgia is investigated, the main indicators of wear and their modal (most common) values. Using the method of probabilistic and statistical modeling, differential and integral functions for the distribution of wear of plowshares were obtained, corresponding mathematical models were obtained, and their adequacy was verified by Kolmogorov's agreement criterion. The audit showed that these distributions are adequately described by the normal law. On value of modal wear of the ploughshares to improve their resource, a rational method of recovery is automatic surfacing under a flux. We have modified the installation to stepless control of the deposition regimes, set optimal values and developed a special copying machine for automatic surfacing of coulters having curvilinear shape of the surface to be restored. Keywords - Aluminium Alloys, Plasma Spray, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Thermal Fatigue, Yttria-Zirconia.

Author - Giorgi Kutelia

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| Published on 2018-06-29
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