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Effect of Glomusintraradices and Organic Fertilizer on the Yield and Quality of Maize Grown in Calcareous Soil

Two field experiments were carried out at the Agricultural Research Station of Nubariaduring two summer seasons of. This work was to study the effect of arbuscularmycorrhizal fungus (AMF) under four rates of compost and two rates of nitrogen fertilizer as percent of the recommended dose onthe yield and quality of maize grown in calcareous soil. These field experiments were arranged statistically in a split- split plot design in randomized complete blocks with three replicates. The development of root length colonization % was significantly increased in the inoculated plants more than the un-inoculated plants. The highest significant increases in shoot dry weight was (120g/ plant) and their NPK uptake were 117.7, 51.6 and 530.9 kg/ha, respectively as an average of the two seasons in the inoculated plants with Glomusintraradices at C75% and N100%. Grain yield was significantly increased in the inoculated plants with G.intraradices in the presence of C75% and N100%(9.7 t/ha) compared to the non-inoculated plants ( 9.0 t/ha).Inoculated Zeamays with G. intraradices gave the highest significant increases of corn oil (5.0%) and protein (6.0%) as compared to the non-inoculated plants ( 4.5 % and 5.3 % , respectively ) in the presence of C 75 % and N 100% .The results showed that inoculation with AM fungus in the presence of C75% and N100% of the recommended doses enhanced the soil fertility including the increase in the availability of N, P and organic matter content in soil. Keywords - AM fungi, Compost, Calcareous soil, Maize plants, Grain yield and quality

Author - Amal Aboul-Nasr, Helge Schmeisky, Amal Abou El-Goud

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| Published on 2018-06-29
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