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Product Development of Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

The research objective of this study the production of purple sweet potato ice cream. The result form 3 ice cream recipes in quality of sense test was used for select the recipe to develop the standard recipe for development of purple sweet Potato ice cream product. The ingredients of standard recipe milk 500 ml. whipped cream 250 grams sugar 160 grams salt 1/8 teaspoon egg yolks 3 eggs water, 120 ml and vanilla 1 teaspoon The first recipes was the ratio had satisfaction score appearance, color, texture (smoothness) and overall 7.75 7.70 7.15 7.25 and 7.70 respectively. This study on the amount of purple sweet potato in ice cream. It was found that the amount of purple sweet potato 10, 20, 30 supplemented with 30% purple sweet potato was found in appearance and the average color range was 7.00 and 7.16 the ratio had satisfaction score between minimum score to median score, 10% and 20%, because the amount of purple sweet potato, the color of the ice cream is darker. For the study of Carboxymethyl Cellulose, CMC in the development of purple sweet potato ice cream. The stabilizer interacts with the protein and captures the water molecule. The amount of free water in the ice cream decreases, thereby reducing ice crystals. When added to the stabilizer, the viscosity of the ice cream was higher. Keywords - Purple sweet potato, Ice Cream Product, Recipes, Cost

Author - Jiraporn Weenuttranon

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| Published on 2018-06-29
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