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Production of Hydrocarbon Compounds by Saprophytic Fungi Rhizopus Oryzae Grown on Corn Cobs as Cellulose Media

Saprophytic fungi belonging to the genus Rhizopus are able to degrade cellulosic biomass from corn cobs and synthesize volatile hydrocarbon compounds. This study sought to determine the production of hydrocarbon compounds by saprophytic fungi Rhizopus oryzae. These fungi produce biofuel without using heavy processes and large reserves that are considered to be environmental hazards. To do this, corn cobs were ground and mixed with yeast peptone glucose (YPG) broth in a 1:1 ratio. Rhizopus oryzae was cultured in the corn cob-YPG media for 14 days. The separated liquid sample was acquired using Buchner vacuum filtration. The polar and non-polar components were separated using a separatory funnel using hexane and isobutanol/methanol as solvent. Results obtained from bomb calorimetry of polar and non-polar components of samples ranged from 26, 563 kJ/kg to 44, 521 kJ/kg with 38, 823 kJ/kg as average. The gas chromatography of compounds from Rhizopus cultures demonstrated the production of C10 to C32 hydrocarbons. Therefore, this fungus could potentially be developed into a renewable biocatalyst for viable production of biofuel. Index Terms- microbial conversion, hydrocarbon, mycodiesel, agrowaste.

Author - Nicholas L. Lasquite, Kathleen Kaye G. Codas, Izabelle A. Dolores

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| Published on 2018-05-15
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