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Seawater Desalinationusing Fish Skin Membrane

Fish skin offers excellent ability to osmo-regulate in both fresh and salty water.Because of its lack of current research in desalination applications, it is aimed to investigate the performance of fish skin as a membrane in seawater desalination. The skin of Tilapia fish is used tested in this work for such purpose. The object is to find the permeability rate of this membrane and its capability to desalinate sea water and to determine the flow direction of water. The testing procedure consisted of placing the fish skin between two samples of water with different salt concentrations in a U-tube. Salty water with almost sea salt concentration was placed on one side whereas distilled water was placed on the other side of the membrane. Different parameters were investigated to study the effect of skin on seawater desalination including temperature gradient and flipping the water facing the fish skin. It is proven in this work that tilapia skin as a seawater desalination membrane is promising, and should be studied further to investigate the possibility of using bio-inspired membranes in different applications. Key words - Tilapia skin, Sea water, Membrane, Desalination.

Author - Sameer Al-Asheh, Ahmad Aidan, Rawan Salah, Catherine Masoud, Haya Nassrullah

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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