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Printed Graphic on Khanom Chan

The current research on printed graphic on Khanom Chan took on an experimental research approach, with the objectives to produce screen printing ink from rice flour and coffee powder which is adequate for printing onto the surface of Khanom Chan; and to determine the proper ratios of rice flour and coffee powder for producing the ink to screen onto Khanom Chan. The summary results were as follows. Based on the experiment, the researcher analyzed to determine the proper ratios of rice flour, water, and coffee powder to be used as the water-based screen printing ink. The proper ratio of rice flour : water : coffee was 3:20:1, providing gummy texture of screen ink. The printed graphic was clear with sharp and distinct edge, and with smooth and even surface of the ink. After screening ink onto Khanom Chan, the ink was left dry for about 15 minutes. Using hand to gently touch the graphic on the surface of Khanom Chan, no fall-off of the ink was found. Discoloration was tested with Spectrophotometer to determine L*a*b* and delta-E by measuring the color for 5 times. The result indicated that delta-E from color measurement ranged between 1.19 - 1.97, with delta-E difference of 0.78. The delta- E difference less than 1.0 was unnoticeable by human eyes. Based on the test result, discoloration of the screen printing ink was found but imperceptible by the eyes. Keywords - Printed graphic on Khanom Chan, Khanom Chan, Natural screen printing ink.

Author - Weera Chotithammaporn

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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