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Functional Guidelines with Braille Representations with Morphological Investigation for Sightless Children’s Image Books Subtitle: An Innovative Application for Unsighted Kid’s Tale Books

Paper deliberates the usage of typesetting and prevailing braille script together to state a tale. The study is centered on the training multisensory education through the usage of equipment currently in the marketplace and considered as and complementary instructive respite in the form of braille tale book. Play is an essential component in kid’s life, which is introduced by inherent curiosity. Education will be effortless when it’s performed through play. The reasoning growth is very effective in natural education. This diverse reasoning growth follows the cyclic pattern which is defined through Learn, Explore, Experiment and Contribute (LEEC). Nature uses a morphousprocedure to address curiosity and initiates play. At the culmination of the play, children study about themselves and others. Nature addresses this cyclic pattern through its Natural Resources. However the recent concern from the researches pinpoints the deficiency of collaboration amongst kids and Natural sources. Through the organized method these Natural sources can be imitated in the form of image book to connect the gap. In this manuscript, Morphological Analysis (MA) is used to plot the available Natural Resources in the form of proportions and its choices. While old-style books are produced with lined storytelling can letto investigate the page spatially, leading to new acquaintances amongst reader and the book. Index Terms- Braille,Morphological Investigation, Environmental study and play, Inprogress exploration design

Author - Siddhesh Sushil Shirsekar

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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