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A Study of Color and Shape of Ready-to-Eat Cut Fruit Packaging

The purposes of this study were 1) to design packaging for ready-to-eat fruits including durian, watermelon, pineapple, mango, papaya, and cantaloupe; 2) to produce packaging for these fruits; and 3) to examine the effect of packaging colors on the feeling of consumers. An opinion survey was conducted with 300 general consumers on the shape and color of packaging for ready-to-eat fruits. The packaging was designed in geometric shape using the warm and cool colors of the primary and secondary color wheels. An online and offline questionnaire was used for the survey study. Statistical analysis involved percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The findings suggested that the packaging shape most satisfied by consumer respondents was sphere, followed by square, and the least satisfied was octagon. Differently, vender respondents were most satisfied with square, followed by sphere, and octagon shapes, respectively. The satisfaction on packaging color depended on the color of fruits. For colorless fruits such as cantaloupe and mango, packaging with bright colors was preferable, while white color was less favorable as it mingled with the white color of fruits. For papaya, packaging with green color as opposite to the fruit color was most satisfied, and the same was for durian, watermelon and pineapple. Keywords - Packaging, Ready-to-Eat Cut Fruit, Geometric Shape, Packaging Color

Author - Pratoomtong Trirat, Nonthalee Prontadavit

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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