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Simultaneous Video and Sound Transmission of Sleep Apnea Patient over Mobile Network

Hybrid mobile transmission system has delivered patient video with relevant snoring sound to quantify the severity of the sleep apnea patient over wireless network. However, few have optimized for simultaneous video and sound transmission over error-prone environments using wireless links. In this paper, the performance of the MPEG (Motion Picture Expert Group)-4 error resilient tools with UDP(User Datagram Protocol) protocol were evaluated over a wireless network to suggest the optimum combination of MPEG-4 error resilient tools and UDP packet size suitable for real-time transmission of video and sound transmission over error-prone mobile networks. Through experimentation, it was found that the packet size should correspond to IP(Internet Protocol) datagram size minus UDP and IP header for optimal videoaudio quality. Also, for error resilient tool selection, the combination of resynchronization marker and data partitioning showed the best performance. Index Terms - Video, Sound, Mobile, Patient

Author - S. K. Yoo, D.H.Lee, J.E. Lee, K.T.Oh

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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