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Magnetic and Optical Properties of Fe Doped SNS Nanoparticles with Zinc Blende Structure

A facial synthesis Fe-doped SnS nanoparticles with general formula SnxFe1-xS via chemical co-precipitation method and effect of Fe doping on the optical and magnetic properties was investigated. Nanoparticles were characterized using different spectroscopy methods. The X-ray diffraction patterns confirm zinc blende structure for both SnS and Fedoped SnS nanoparticles. The SEM images show an average particle size of 16 nm for Sn0.9Fe0.1S nanoparticles that has good agreement with what obtained from XRD. Magnetic properties of doped NPs confirm their ferromagnetic behavior with narrow hysteresis loop. Using PL and UV absorption spectra optical band gap 1.40 to 1.50 eV were obtained, which are according to increasing of Fe amount Keywords - Magnetic Nanoparticles, Tin Sulfide Nanoparticles, Metal Doped Sns.

Author - Sajjad Mohebbi, Parvin Askari, Roshanak Rashidi

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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