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Detection of Psychological Stress using Artificial Intelligence

This paper details the information about the overall research about the growing tensions due to psychological stress among all age group people. This article is all about the psychological tests, their effects and impact of it on an individual and its solutions. The growing tension in the young minds is a great matter of concern nowadays. The society and every individual must understand the importance of the right state of mind. Many people are not comfortable to pay a visit to a psychologist but sometimes it is necessary to do so but to avoid the embarrassment, depression, people often avoid their situations and tend to lead a stressed life. This dilemma if not solved can lead to serious mind related problems. Everyone should be aware of the fact that our mental fitness is as important as the physical fitness. This project fires a test consisting of several questions based on the general ideology or common environment of human tendency. The person appearing for the test will have to give answers of the questions and after submitting the test a result will be generated. In addition to this, based on the result of the test, suggestions and solution for the person will be available with the contact information of some authorised psychological experts. Keywords - Psychology, Ideology, Detection, Stress, Dataset.

Author - Shantanu Maske, Namita Lingarwar, Nikita Singh, Shubham Shrirange, Shubham Samudrawar

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| Published on 2018-05-14
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