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A Performance Study of Shallow Foundation on Weak Granular Bed with Granite Waste and Geosynthetics

In this project an experimental behaviour of laterite soil is find out by using the isolated (Square, Rectangular & Circular) and combined footing (Rectangular, Trapezoidal). In this Soil, Geosynthetic is used as a reinforcement and Granite slurry waste is used as a stabilizing agent. The test pit is filled with laterite soil and granite slurry waste layer by layer with reinforcement of Geosynthetic layers. The purpose of this technique is simple and cost effective alternative of improving the bearing capacity of the weak granular bed. It is also expected that the Geosynthetic soil reinforcing presented herein can help prevent those buildings built on shallow foundations from excessive settlements. Over the last few decades, many pilot and full-scale tests have been conducted, and it has been confirmed that the Geosynthetic soil reinforcing technique can improve the bearing capacity of the weak granular bed. Keywords - Shallow foundation, Soil reinforced with Geosynthetics, Laterite Soil.

Author - Praveen Kumar.G, Prakash.D, Pradeep Kumar.G, Meena.K, Thirumali.R

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| Published on 2018-04-24
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