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Decentralization of Central Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plant is one of the advanced techniques to reuse the domestic wastewater. This paper mainly deals with the above aspect of study. The main motto of decentralized approach is to treat the waste water before its being discharged into the surrounding environment. Onsite system performance is a function of decentralized waste water treatment. Due to inadequacy of existing central sewage treatment plant located in Bellandur which is a private body of H.A.L. In order to get effective onsite treatment system, the appropriate performances concerned with high quality effluent are required. The treated waste water by Aerobic process is acceptable to reuse for domestic purposes like gardening, vehicles washing and flushing .The existence Central Sewage treatment plan will be decentralized into their respective township. This is the main agenda of the Project. Keywords - Centralized treatment, Decentralized treatment, Waste water, Sewage treatment plant (STP).

Author - Ravi chandra, V. Ramesh

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| Published on 2018-04-23
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