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Conservation of Drinking Water by using Treated lake Water for Constructions in Bengaluru

Construction of buildings require large amount of water from beginning to the finishing of the project. Presently piped or bore water is extensively used for such works all over the city. The main concern is that a large amount of drinking water is used for this purpose thus depriving people their rightful share of water required for daily use and due to this the city is experiencing severe shortage of drinking water is concerned. At the same time water supply cannot be stopped for construction purposes. Hence to solve this complex situation, it is essential to arrive at a solution as an alternate source of water for construction industry that is essential to keep the growth of the city. This problem may be overcome by using the lake water that is available in sufficient quantity around the year. The city is blessed with over 100 Lakes that have different capacities to supply water for construction industry. Keywords - Drinking water, construction Industry, BIS standards, Alternate Source, Harmful Constituents, Lake Water treatment

Author - M. R. Raja shekhara

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| Published on 2018-04-23
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