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Eco-Friendly Utilization of Fly Ash Characterization Study of Fly Ash from Various Thermal Power Plants

In a developing country like India, coal is a major source of fuel for production of electricity which in turn produces large quantity of fly ash which is an environmental hazard. Disposal of such a huge quantity poses challenging problems, in the form of land usage, health hazards and environmental dangers. Both in disposal as well as in utilization, utmost care has to be taken to safeguard the interest of human life, wild life and environment .Under such circumstances through this article a attempt is made to highlight the beneficial potential of fly ash in application of civil engineering construction as well as others to reduce the environmental pollution. The physical and chemical characterization of Flyash is also conducted to enlighten the concentration of different elements present in it so that it can used in various fields as a substitute material. Keywords - Fly Ash, XRD, SEM, Cenospheres

Author - Geena George, Asha.K

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| Published on 2018-04-23
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