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Arsenic: A Hidden Hazard in Brown Rice Marketed as Health Food

A study was conducted to investigate the concentration of arsenic in brown rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) collected from Trans Indo-Gangetic Plains (TIGP) of India. Arsenic concentrations in the brown rice grain varied from 14 to 1023 μg/kg (dw), with a mean value of 196 μg/kg. This value is lower than most of published data from other countries/regions and also from the WHO recommended permissible limit in rice (1.0 mg/kg). A comparison was made between the data of As in brown rice of present study and with data published in other studies. The As concentration of brown rice of the present study was 40 % and 13-77% lower than West Bengal and Internationally published other studies, respectively. Arsenic content was highest in Jalandhar district of Amritsar with mean arsenic value of 472 μg/kg (dw). Significantly higher arsenic content in brown rice was present in Haryana than Punjab and Delhi. Keywords - Arsenic, Brown Rice, White Rice, TIGP, ICP-MS

Author - Hema Singh, Sangeeta Goomer

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| Published on 2018-04-11
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