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The Influence of Coalescents on Freeze-Thaw Stability of Styrene-Acrilate Latex Systems

It is well known that the correctselection of raw materials is the key to develop the optimal formulation of paints and coatings with the required properties. This work is especially difficult when creating paint formulations with high freezethaw stability. To obtain high-quality coatings on their basis, it is extremely important to choose the optimum coalescent for the given latex system, its quantity and technology of introduction. In present paper, a comparative characteristic of widely used coalescents are given. The cryo-SEM results reported here are used to propose differences of the mechanism of coagulation. Keywords: Freeze-thaw stability, Coalescents, Latexes,VOC, Cryogenic SEM.

Author - Valery Krikotnenko

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| Published on 2018-04-11
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