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Efficiency of Folate-Decorated Methotrexate Nanoparticles in MCF-7

This study aim to prepare targeted nanoparticles from tri and di-block copolymer of PEGylatedP(CL) and investigate in vitro study in MCF-7. MTX conjugated copolymers at 10% and subsequently decorated with FOL-conjugated copolymers at 5 were prepared from PCL-PEG-PCL (tri-block pattern) and mPEG-PCL (di block pattern) via click reaction. After that, non-targeted and targeted nanoparticle were prepared by dialysis method. Four type of nanoparticles were investigated their characteristics and cytotoxicity. The results found that the targeted nanoparticles were toxic to MCF-7 than non-targeted nanoparticles. Moreover, targeted nanoparticles form tri-block pattern were effective than di-block nanoparticles due to the different formation of nanoparticles. Keywords - Targeted nanoparticles, methotrexate, folic acid, MCF-7

Author - Ousanee Issarachot, Jiraphong Suksiriworapong, Kittisak Sripha, Mikihisa Takano, Ryoko Yumoto, Varaporn Buraphacheep Junyaprasert

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| Published on 2018-01-24
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