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The Grain Size Distribution of Sandy Soils in Libya

Where that all types of soil consists of grains in different sizes, and these grains can be obtained and identified by knowing the results of grain size distribution of the soil tests. The results of grain composition of the soil are the basis for the classification and be very useful in obtaining some characteristics of the soil. So the main aim of the present study is to investigate and classify the particle size distribution of sandy soils in Libya. More than fifty soil samples collected from many regions, North, West and South of Libya. Laboratory sieve analysis tests performed on disturbed soil samples. As well as to provide an indicator of general engineering behaviour and good understanding, test results are presented and analysed, some of the significant parameters such as the gradation parameters and grain diameters for these types of soil have been identified, also found links between some of these parameters. Soil classification based on particle size analysis(USCS) is used. In addition, conclusions, recommendations are made. Key words- Grain size distribution of soils, Sieve analysis tests, Soil classification.