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RAPD-PCR Based Analysis of Genetic Variation Induced in Triticum Aestivum Under Chromium Stress

Plants acts as a bioindecator to evaluate the effects of pollution on environment. The purpose of present study was to analyze the phenotypic change in wheat under chromium stress at molecular level. Three concentrations of chromium10ppm, 40ppm and 80ppm were used to study their effects of plant growth, 80ppm limit the growth and induce dwarfness in plants. Dwarf plants were subjected to RAPD analysis using ten primers among those only three primers A, B and C were reproducible. Appearance of new bands and disappearance of normal bands in gel shows the change in the DNA .Primer B and C shows 100% polymorphism, while primer C produces 50% polymorphism. Similarity coefficient range from 0 to 0.756 were found in between W1 and W2. This indicates that 80ppm chromium is able to bring mutagenic effects in the wheat. Key Words- Chromium, RAPD ,DNA, Toxicity ,parts per million (ppm)