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Studies in Salt Tolerant Alkaline Protease of Bacterium Isolated From Konkan Coast

The present study was undertaken to explore the rich and diverse coastal habitats of Konkan . Various samples like sand, clay, mud, sea-water, sea-weeds, alga, sea-shells, were collected from different sites on sea-coast of Maharashtra. (300Km). The microbial isolates were screened for the production of alkaline protease on sea-water based casein agar medium. The isolate RAT/SA/B24, producing alkaline protease was studied further. It was identified as Vibrio CJ11052 based on 16SrRNA sequencing. The alkaline protease produced was purified and partially characterized. The enzyme showed optimum activity at pH 9 , temperature 550C and was stable in saturating concentration of NaCl in the presence of calcium ions. Index Terms– Alkaline Protease, Halotolerant, Marine Habitats, Vibrio sp.