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Low Power Energy Harvesting Using Piezo and Wind Energy

The project, E-Gen is about harvesting 2 different forms wind and piezoelectric energy and tapping power using different circuitry to obtain particular voltage and current according to the specification and ac to dc conversion using rectifiers to charge a rechargeable battery like a power bank. In our project we have used sensors like MEAS piezo vibration sensors, and stepper motor to harvest energy and miniature ICs which perform functions like rectification, storage of energy, buck control etc. Wind energy from the exhaust is tapped by the blades of the fan which rotates the rotor of the stepper motor thus generating specific amount of power. The AC power generated in each phase of the motor is converted to DC by bridge rectifier circuit. The two phases are connected in parallel to add up the current thus increasing the total power generated which is used to charge the power bank through a voltage regulator which maintains a constant supply voltage thus not causing any damage to the power bank. Index Terms— Piezo Sensor, Rectification, Faraday Voltage.