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Use Eco-Friendly Materials to Steel Corrosion Inhibition

This study involved the application of an eco-friendly, green, corrosion inhibitor extract from coriandrum sativum to explore its anticorrosive action on mild steel, using the methods of the immersion test, open circuit potential, and Tafel extrapolation. The influence of the extract on the inhibition of corrosion was studied when it was applied in different concentrations (ranging from 1, 3, 5, 7 % v/v) and for various contact times. From the polarization curves, it was evident that the inhibitor was of a mixed type. The results clearly showed that as the green extract increased in concentration the low weight of the mild steel decreased, forming a protective layer within 24h of the contact time (at a concentration of 7% v/v). The property of inhibition of corrosion by the coriandrum sativum extract is chiefly due to its ability to be strongly adsorbed on the steel surface to form the protective coat. This protective layer isolates the metal surface from the corrosive solution surrounding it. These results indicate that the coriandrum sativum extract is efficient in preventing the corrosion of mild steel in the aquatic medium. Key words- Coriandrum sativum, corrosion, inhibitor, tap water, AISI 1020carbon steel.