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Analytical Study on the Variation of Climatic Parameters at Abeokuta, South-West Nigeria

The study examines and analyses the variation of climatic parameters at Abeokuta, South-West, Nigeria from 2001 to 2010.Six climatic parameters (Wind speed, vapour pressure ,relative humidity ,air temperature ,rainfall and relative humidity) for 10 years was collected from the archive of Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET).The average values of the Coefficient of Variation was calculated which show that the CV for wind speed (21.55%),rainfall (65.19%) and sunshine (22.78%) all exceeded the variability threshold of 10% indicating that there they exhibit significant variability while the CV for vapour pressure (5.22%),air temperature (5.74%) and relative humidity (4.52%) depict no significant variability. The significance value of 0.000 which is less than the level of significance ((∝= 0.05) indicates that there is significant difference in the monthly CV of the climatic parameters analyzed. Keywords- Coefficient of variation, significance value, climatic parameters.