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The Effect of Flow Rate on Structure and Electrical Properties of Pani.CSA/PMMA Nanofibers

Alignment nanofibers of PAni.CSA/PMMA blend with different flow rates were prepared using the electrospinning method. A systematic investigation on the effect of the flow rate on the structure and electrical properties of PAni.CSA/PMMA nanofibers were studied. Morphology and diameters of the nanofibers were investigated by Atomic Force Microscope and Scanning electron microscope; results show that decreasing of the flow rate has an effect on the nanofibers diameters and morphology. The X-ray diffraction analysis shows the effect of flow rate on the crystallization and average crystallite size of PAni.CSA/PMMA nanofibers. Keywords- Electrospinning, PAni.CSA/PMMA, nanofibers , Flow rate