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Multi-Objective Optimization of Mixed Membrane Reactors for Autothermal Reforming of Methane

Autothermal reforming (ATR) of methane is an important process for hydrogen production, which supplies the heat for endothermic steam reforming by the internal combustion of methane. Axial distributed feeding of oxygen using membrane reactor (MR) can reduce the peak temperature and improve the reactor performance. Mixed membrane reactor (MMR) provides an extra degree of freedom by allowing part of the reactor wall to be non-permeable. The optimal solutions of the design and operation conditions for the MR and MMR for ATR of methane are determined via the genetic algorithm for ternary (production rate/selectivity/conversion) objective functions. Compared to MR, the optimal solutions of MMR provide significantly better performance, the hydrogen production rate can be increased by 100%. Index Terms - Methane Reforming, Membrane Reactor, Mixed Membrane Reactor, Multiobjective Optimization