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Development of MOF Derived Iron Catalyst for a Fischer Tropsch Synthesis

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are generally used for a gas storage and catalysis applications due to their porous structure formulation. Catalysts are extensively used in different process industries in order to increase the rate of reaction. Iron based catalyst is prepared by a solvothermal method and were annealed in a tube furnace at 550 ̊C for 3 hours.SEM morphology of metal organic framework is linear in shape and they will be deforming into an oval shape when they were calcined in a tube furnace and become porous structure. TGA analysis of metal organic framework shows that, thermally degradation start at 200 ̊C and fully degraded at 450 ̊C. BET surface area and pore volume are11.1701 m²/g & 0.007767 cm³/g respectively. XRD peaks at 30̊ shows that the formation of the Fe3O4-carbon and that kind of catalyst will enhance the C5+selectivity for hydrocarbons in Fischer-Tropsch process.