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Investigating Optoelectronic Properties of Single Layer Graphene Loaded by Silver Nanoparticles

Graphene has interesting optical and electrical properties which made it a promising candidate for optoelectronic application in low-volume material. This 2D nanostructure shows unique optical and electrical properties and we tried to find a correlation between these properties in this paper. In this project, we prepared a single layer of graphene by CVD process and studied its optical and electrical properties. We showed, by adding silver nanoparticles to the surface of graphene sheet, the optical and electrical properties of graphene are modified. The optical properties like reflectance and Raman shift were measured for a single layer of graphene on silicon substrate, while silver nanoparticles were added step by step to its surface. Transmittance was also measured for a single layer of graphene on glass substrate in the same process. Adding silver nanoparticles to graphene sheet decrease its transmittance and therefore enhance the conductivity of this thin film. Keywords- Graphene, Raman shift, Reflectance, Silver nanoparticles, Transmittance.