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Biogas Production from Fallen Teak (Tectonagrandis) Leaves with Co-Digestion of Algae

The fallen teak leaves (Tectonagrandis), represents an interesting substrate for biogas production. The codigestion could be beneficial for produce highest amount methane content compared to the mono-substrate. The content of total solids (TS), volatile solids (VS) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the leaves. Our study shows the fallen teak leaves biomass is a potentially valuable fermentation substrate The methane concentration increases, while the carbon dioxide decreases, basically in the same proportion. It is also observed that, in the biogas reaches 71.9% in the methane concentration in the teak leaves whereas, for the teak leaves, the biogas reaches the 62.9% higher methane concentration more than non-pretreatment. Therefore, teak leaves are the potential biogas fermentation raw material and can be applicable through co-digestion as well. Consequently, the study results confirm that fallen teak leaves are very suitable as a substrate for biogas production. Keywords: Tectonagrandis, biomass, Co-digestion, Biogas production.