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Ferrocene-Containing Dendrimers as Burning Rate Catalysts for the Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate-Based Propellants

Ferrocene and ferrocene-containing compounds are famous burning rate catalysts (BRCs) for the combustion of ammonium perchlorate (AP)-based propellants due to their reversible redox properties and good catalytic activity on the combustion of AP-based propellant. However, the storage of ferrocene and simple ferrocene-based compounds along with the propellant results in the migration of these compounds to the interface of the propellant, which alters the premeditated burning parameters of the propellant and may causes serious explosion. To avoid problems associated with migration, we introduced the concept of hydrogen bonding. We synthesized ferrocene-containing dendrimers having enormous N-H groups as ferrocene-containing BRCs, which might be responsible for the formation of hydrogen bonding between these synthesized BRCs and with the propellant. These synthesized BRCs showed redox behavior and good catalytic activity to promote the combustion of AP-based propellant. In addition, these synthesized BRCs showed good anti-migration properties due to the formation of hydrogen bonding between these synthesized BRCs and AP-based propellant. We expect that these synthesized ferrocene-containing dendrimers are the excellent BRCs for AP-based propellants with good combustion promoting activity and least migration in the propellant. Keywords- Ferrocene, Ferrocene-containing dendrimers, Ammonium perchlorate, Burning rate catalysts.