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The Effects of Different Body Compositions on Heart Rate Changes in Different Stage when Riding the Vertical Drop Facility

The exciting entertainment facilities draws lots of audiences. This combination of different directions and forces cause different excitement. Vertical drop tower was most popular facility which drove the rider from highest place to the lowest place within a very short period of time. Sudden changes in direction and force will affect people’s physiological response. However, different body compositions may have different effects when they ride vertical drop tower. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of different body compositions on heart rate changes in different stages when the subjects rode in the vertical drop facility. Forty five subjects were recruited to take part in this study, and were divided into 3 groups: the obesity group, the normal group, and underweight group. All subjects put on k4b2, and took a rest for 30 minutes, and then rode in the vertical drop tower to the highest place, and remained still for 10 seconds (the initial stage), and then fell down to the ground within 3 seconds. Finally, the subjects were horizontally sent to the exit, and stayed at their seat, resting for 5 minutes. Heart rates were acquired from k4b2 in initial stage, during the riding for the maximal heart rate, and 5 minutes after riding. One-way ANOVA followed by the Scheffe’s multiple comparisons procedure was employed to compare the 3 groups. Significant level was set at .05. The conclusions of this study are that normal body composition posses better autonomous nerve system to control their heart function when they confront tremendous pressure. Five times of gravity changed in 3 seconds in vertical drop tower may be too great for people to react to in such short period time, but the normal body composition and underweight group had better cardiovascular function than the obesity group in recover rest heart rate. Index Terms - Amusement facility, Body composition, Heart rate change, vertical drop tower.