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A Study on Thermal Inactivation Parameters of Pectinmethyl Esterase from Turkish Hacihaliloglu Apricot (Prunusarmeniacal.)

This study was carried out to determine thermal inactivation parameters of pectin methylesterase (PME) from Hacıhaliloğlu apricot which is an important variety grown in Malatya region of Turkey. The first order inactivation constants (kD) increased with increasing temperature, indicating that the enzyme was less thermostable at higher temperatures. Increasing the temperature from 60°C to 70°C resulted in a decrease in t1/2 values. D values obtained in this study ranged between 6.0 and 30.9 min at the temperatures studied. Energy of activation (Ea) and Z values were found to be 155.5 kj mol- 1 (r²=0.9887) and 14.1 °C (r²=0.9869). Keywords: Apricot, Pectin Methylesterase, Kinetics, Thermal Inactivation Kinetics