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Experimental Analysis of a Cylindrical Latent Heat Thermal Storage System with Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate

Storage of the available solar energy at its maximum is a big challenge for any storage system. This challenge can be overcome with the introduction of a latent heat thermal energy storage system as it is compact and possesses high storage density. The main goal of this paper is to experimentally investigate the performance of a prototype thermal storage unit with encapsulated phase change material in a cylindrical geometry, in order to provide an analysis for its potential use in residential solar domestic heating. The analysis provided looks at the performance of the system with a particular mass flow rate of 0.01 kg/s. The performance of the system while charging and discharging are analyzed here. Energy and Exergy analysis of the system are done for the performance analysis. Index terms - Latent Heat Thermal Storage System, Phase Change Material, Exergy Analysis.