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Batch Adsorption Screening Analysis by Utilizing Activated Clay Adsorbent in Fuel Oil

Oxidative desulfurization involves the removal of unwanted sulfur compounds in diesel oil through oxidation that forms sulfone compounds. This is complemented by an adsorption process. In this study, batch adsorption of oxidized diesel oil was studied testing parameters such as pH (1-5), adsorbent dose (1-5 mg), temperature (25-55 °C), agitation speed (50- 250 rpm) and mixing time (50-250 min). In order to statistically support and determine the level of significance of each parameter on the response of sulfone adsorption a definitive screening design was used. Results indicate that pH, adsorbent dose and temperature showed a significant effect (p-value<0.05) on the adsorption of sulfones in diesel oil while agitation speed and mixing time were insignificant (p-value>0.05). Keywords - Activated Clay, Batch Adsorption, Definitive Screening Design, Oxidized Diesel Oil.